One & Well is a pioneering, wellness travel company that offers unique and authentic experiences of life as it should be; a Well way of living that is in balance with Oneself.

We design immersive and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit experiences through body movement, healthy nutrition & outdoor adventures, while exploring the benefits of being surrounded by nature.

“Where the journey back to our true home starts: One’s self

Our experiences are a blend of all the things that you love: music, movement, adventure, good & healthy food, cocktails, and a lot of laughs in a breathtaking location– We don’t know what better combination there is.

Whether you’re looking to escape to a remote beach, a stress-free oasis in the middle of the jungle, or a sacred spiritual valley, we’ve got you covered. O&W Journal along with our travel memoirs and curated playlists are aimed to inspire wonder and bring you in contact with a more profound essence of traveling and living.

+ Retreats & Bootcamps
Our Origins
Tulum, Feb 2022
Yucatán Peninsula
Path to Wellness
Baja California, Mexico
Fitness Bootcamp - Move with Mich
+ Travel Memoirs
Retreat: A space to treat yourself

2021 has been a year of reset, of going slower, nearer and more mindfully.

A Morning Routine
My alarm rings and my senses start to awaken
The Healing Power of the Forest
Inspired by a Japanese practice, forest bathing is an immersion in nature