One & Well is a pioneering, wellness travel company that offers unique and authentic experiences of life as it should be; a Well way of living that is in balance with Oneself.

We design immersive and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit experiences through body movement, healthy nutrition & outdoor adventures, while exploring the benefits of being surrounded by nature.

“Where the journey back to our true home starts: One’s self

Our experiences are a blend of all the things that you love: music, movement, adventure, good & healthy food, cocktails, and a lot of laughs in a breathtaking location– We don’t know what better combination there is.

Whether you’re looking to escape to a remote beach, a stress-free oasis in the middle of the jungle, or a sacred spiritual valley, we’ve got you covered. O&W Journal along with our travel memoirs and curated playlists are aimed to inspire wonder and bring you in contact with a more profound essence of traveling and living.

+ Retreats & Bootcamps
The Heart of Alchemy II, The Atrium Yoga Retreat
Kea, Greece, Sep 2024
Spring Retreat | The Atrium Yoga Studio
Malinalco, Mexico
Be InMotion A New Moon Retreat
Los Apantles, Mexico
Villa Los Apantles
Malinalco Valley, Mexico
The Heart of Alchemy, The Atrium Yoga Retreat
Cocoon, Portugal
Play inMotion Retreat
Malinalco, Mexico
To Commune Yoga Retreat
Sisal, Yucatan, Mexico
Our Origins Yoga Retreat
Wakax Hacienda, Tulum
It's a Lifestyle Retreat led by Nena Knafo & Gaby
Playa Viva, Mexico
Amrita Yoga Retreat in Partnership with Natali Melani
Path to Wellness - Led by Jen Yuhas
Baja California, Mexico
Fitness Bootcamp - Move with Mich
+ Travel Memoirs
Three Steps to Well-Living, the Yogi Way

During yoga teacher training, my instructor imparted the following principles for well-living. In yoga, they are the three basic steps to release physical tension.

Retreat: A space to treat yourself
2021 has been a year of reset, of going slower, nearer and more mindfully.
A Morning Routine
My alarm rings and my senses start to awaken