One & Well is a pioneering, wellness travel company that offers unique and authentic experiences of life as it should be; a Well way of living that is in balance with Oneself.

We design immersive and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit experiences through body movement, healthy nutrition & outdoor adventures, while exploring the benefits of being surrounded by nature.

“Where the journey back to our true home starts: One’s self

Our experiences are a blend of all the things that you love: music, movement, adventure, good & healthy food, cocktails, and a lot of laughs in a breathtaking location– We don’t know what better combination there is.

Whether you’re looking to escape to a remote beach, a stress-free oasis in the middle of the jungle, or a sacred spiritual valley, we’ve got you covered. O&W Journal along with our travel memoirs and curated playlists are aimed to inspire wonder and bring you in contact with a more profound essence of traveling and living.

Everything in life has a rhythm

That’s why we need travelers like you, who seek to pursuit life as it should be: a Well way of living that is in balance with Oneself.

Today, we can all use a break and some self care. That’s why we partner up with top yoga and wellness experts to launch its first of a kind series of One & Well retreats in Mexico’s most epic destinations. Explore among our carefully curated experiences, designed to learn new practices and connect you to nature and to yourself.

Our Manifesto

We believe in travel that cultivates a sense of place while stoking a streak of adventure—and in Mexico, whether it is a remote beach in the Pacific Coast, a jungle in the Caribbean or a lush oasis nestled in a vast desert, discoveries abound. Like the rhythms of nature, every day in One&Well Getaways is different, offering a new way of contemplating our surroundings and being in the world.

We are advocates of travel that elevates communities and promotes authentic moments and meaningful encounters. Our destinations are steeped in place and stamped with local culture. It’s no wonder that our name, Paradero, loosely translates to “stop on the road,” and harks back to the days when our ancestors first arrived on this land, harnessing its bounty to cultivate a sense of home and community.

At One & Well , we believe that extraordinary guest experiences go hand-in-hand with sustainability, community development, and conservation. By immersing guests in nature, we instill reverence toward the land. By employing local hands, we absorb generations worth of knowledge and storytelling. And by channeling simplicity through design, we advance the good-for-the-earth philosophy that less is more.