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The Art of Awareness
May 07, 2021

As a personal trainer, I am challenged daily with improving my clients’ body and health. However, there is a key concept that I strive to get across yet it’s often missed or misunderstood. This concept is awareness.

The connection you will create with your body is an opening gate to everything that surrounds you. A whole universe of data is processed in thoughts but inevitably, the main input for this data comes from our body in the form of our senses.

If you are unaware of your body, then you’re just a dull living organism. If you are deaf to its aches and tiredness, then you are only carrying a burden. At this point, demanding your body for a certain physique, endurance or strength is a very one-sided request.

When you go to the gym, don’t work your body “out”, but work “for” your body. Before you mindlessly pick the heaviest dumbbell or frantically perform glute kickbacks, make a true connection with your breathing and body. Connect to your neurons and initiate your muscle fibres. Think about your joints, are they moving well or do they give you pain? Is your body allowing you to freely jump, run, stretch and move in a full range of motion?

Then, how do you nourish your body with its essential nutrients and energy? Your body must be in need of whole foods, balanced macro and micro nutrients and a plenty of water. It surely wouldn’t be asking for junk foods, refined sugar or ultra-processed foods. If your unattended habit has led you to firstly fulfil your sensory pleasure with these things, redirect your eating habits and feed your body with only the foods that will make it flourish.

At the end of the day, go to sleep. Don’t force your body to stay awake just to send another email or catch up with another episode of your favourite TV show- It deserves a good rest for full repair and recovery. Your body will function properly and smoothly the next day this way, an extra cup of coffee is not the solution.

Establish definite awareness of your body. And you will be rewarded with not only an amazing looking one but one that feels good from within.

Gabrielle Yoo is a certified PT and has been training people for over 6 years. Her approach to fitness and health is about moving well, eating whole foods and reducing ultra-processed foods and resting well - it’s about creating lifestyle. She’s not into trends, but fundamental facts and philosophical values that are universal in every human being’s body and mind.