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The 4 Pillars of Well-Being
May 25, 2021

Awareness: is the fundamental practice for meditation. We have a great quality like the sky that is clouded by emotions, perceptions, thoughts.

Connection: The qualities that are important for healthy relationships, appreciations, kindness, compassion. We all have love and compassion. It's our fundamental nature and that is also together with awareness. Love is but we do not always connect to it.

Insight: a curiosity driven knowledge of oneself, one's thoughts, expectations and beliefs and understanding how they shape our perceptions of the world. The wisdom is our great treasure, to be able to recognize and see our potential to connect with the goodness of others.

Purpose: finding meaning in everyday life, in our activities. On being able to connect to our core values as we are doing our activities each day. The purpose is we all are looking for our true nature, in ourselves and others. We want love and happiness for us and others.